cook pizza 01 65 Main courses (secondi piatti)

Some Italian main courses with contorno (contorno means some side vegetables or other accompanying edible substances):
thinly sliced cut of meat with tomato sauce, anchovies with asparagus in salad, pork chop, carpaccio with parmesan and argula (rocket) salad, roast beef, Caesar salad,  salmon salad, mortadella salad (boloney or Bologna), Wiener Schnitzel, peppered mussels, filet, assorted seafood fry, shrimps salad, salad caprese with grissini, Italian panini (sandwiches), fish with tomato sauce, pork steak, rice with meat, salmon steak with Italian lemon.

bistecca di maiale

Pork chop with baked potato and rosemary

carpaccio 2

Special Italian carpaccio


Peppered mussels



fritto misto

Seafood deep fry

insalata acciughe

Salad with anchovies and eggs

riso con carne

Meat with rice


Salmon steak

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