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Pan Pan: the Italian restaurants in Pattaya has his own pastry and ice cream lab where produce delicious Italian gelato and delicate pastry. For desserts scroll down the page a bit.

Italian gelato combinations:
Italian sundae or coppa gelato, coppa gelato with fresh fruit, coppa with assorted flavors of ice cream, classic Italian gelato: pistachio and hazelnut, soft serve ice cream served with topping, ice cream without milk: sherbet, gelato in a shape of spaghetti two images, refreshing after dinner sherbet.

coppa gelato alla frutta

Italian gelato with fresh fruit

gelato pistacchio nocciola

Two delicious gelato flavors: pistachio and hazelnut

soft serve ice cream

Soft serve ice cream with topping

sorbetto italiano

Italian ice cream without milk: sherbet/sorbetto

spaghetti gelato alla fragola

Vanilla gelato in shape of spaghetti with strawberry topping

spaghetti gelato

Ice cream in a shape of spaghetti: vanilla and chocolate

strawberry lemon sherbet

Refreshing lemon and strawberry sherbet


Italian sundae

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