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Food and courses Italian food, Italian dishes, primi piatti and classic Italian cuisine in Pattaya.


Italian food, courses, dishes

Pan Pan: Italian restaurants with a huge variety of dishes. In this page you can observe images of Italian food. Italian cuisine divided the dishes in first course (primi piatti), main curses (secondi piatti con contorno), pizzas, desserts and few more.

First courses - primi piatti
Some Italian first courses:
spaghetti with tomato sauce, spaghetti with meat sauce ragu', tagliatelle with spinach cooked with cream sauce and ham, tagliatelle al ragu (with meat sauce), lasagne, penne alla pescatora: pasta with shrimps, penne all'arrabbiata: pasta with spicy tomato sauce, pasta with asparagus, spaghetti with mussels and other food from the sea, spaghetti alle vongole: spaghetti with clams, spaghetti allo scoglio: spaghetti seafood, spaghetti with small lobster, spaghetti carbonara: spaghetti, eggs, bacon and parmesan, spaghetti Amatriciana: spaghetti, onions, bacon, chili pepper and sheep milk cheese.  

Main courses - secondi piatti
Some Italian main courses with contorno (contorno means some side vegetables or other accompanying edible substances):
thinly sliced cut of meat with tomato sauce, anchovies with asparagus in salad, pork chop, carpaccio with parmesan and argula (rocket) salad, roast beef, Caesar salad,  salmon salad, mortadella salad (boloney or Bologna), Wiener Schnitzel, peppered mussels, filet, assorted seafood fry, shrimps salad, salad caprese with grissini, Italian panini (sandwiches), fish with tomato sauce, pork steak, rice with meat, salmon steak with Italian lemon.

Meat with tomato sauce Anchovies salad Pork chop Carpaccio Raw meat Ceasar salad Salad Italian salad Wiener Schnitzel Mussels Filet Fried fish Prawns Salad Italian sandwich Fish Pork steak Rice Salmon

Some Italian pizzas from stone oven:
Pizza seafood, calzone with tomato sauce, calzone filled with spinach and ricotta cheese, calzone plain, pizza seafood again, pizza with mushroom and eggs two pictures, pizza Hawaiian, pizza Parma ham, pizza salami (pepperoni). The best seller Italian pizza in Thailand: seafood pizza. Pizza with shrimps, mussels, squid, tomato sauce and mozzarella cheese.

Pizza seafood Pizza calzone Inside the calzone Simple pizza calzone Pizza ai frutti di mare Pizza eggs and mushroom Pizza eggs and mushroom Pizza Hawaiian Pizza Parma ham Pizza pepperoni Pizza seafood

Antipasti and other Italian courses
The antipasti are usual served before the main or first course but we decided to insert this specialty in this section together with some special dishes from Italian cuisine.

Raw Parma ham, salad of grilled eggplants delicious with extra virgin olive oil, prosciutto e melone: Parma ham and melon, focaccia with Parma ham: a basic pizza bread with Parma ham, linguine al pesto: flat spaghetti with basil, olive oil and garlic sauce, tortelli filled with spinach and ricotta sauce in cream and salad Caprese: tomatoes, mozzarella and basil usually served these 3 colors as the Italian flag: green, white, red.

Parma ham Eggplants Ham and melon Focaccia Linguine Tortellini with ricotta cheese and spinach Caprese

Italian desserts and gelato
For the Italian desserts and famous Italian ice cream, the gelato we dedicate another page together with other delicious serving like coffee espresso, cappuccino and more. So visit the desserts page, thank you.

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