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Italian cuisine
The Italian kitchen or Italian cuisine is known and appreciated all around the globe and it has gained the sympathy of the Thai people. Thai people as well as Italian people have a strong feeling and a strong attachment to their food habits. Italian cuisine features go beyond the simple flavors. It is a kitchen very appetizing and tempting, and, if eaten in the right amount, it is also healthy. In fact it is a full Mediterranean diet: fresh foods, not too much elaborated and without exceeded in sauces (that are anyway not made out from concentrate). Italian cuisine also uses a small amount of animal fats. A feature that jumps immediately to your eyes is the division of the lunch in first, seconds and side serves. The first dishes come dressed with "sugo". The Italian sugo, respect to generic sauces, is made on the spot just before eating time and it should not be made from concentrated. Most common ingredients of sugo are fresh tomatoes, olive oil, onions, capers or milk, peppers, or also pine nuts, basil, garlic etcetera. A lot of other kitchens, eastern or westerners usually present a main course instead of a “primo” and “secondo” that, sometimes, comes flavored with concentrated sauces. If you have got the patient to observe an Italian cook, it will be difficult to see him/her busy handling bottles and cans to pour the content in pot. It is preferred the utilization of fresh food stuffs. The composition of first, second, surround with raw vegetables and fruit with final coffee it reflects the proportions between ready sugars, carbohydrates, proteins, fat and daily mineral contribution.
Typical suggestive composition of the Mediterranean diet: carbohydrates (pasta, potatoes), olive oil, small amount of animal fats, fresh vegetables, meat in reduced amount compare to seafood with a fat-free cooking style.

Mediterranean diet Michetta bread

The pizza is a perfect example of it! The habit of begin the meal with antipasti (hors d'oeuvre or starter) that generally consist in sliced ham and other cold cuts plus vegetables in oil to continue accompanying the first course with some bread and the conclusion of the lunch with pastry and/or gelati doubles the calories! Anyway, every not so often some calorie extra can be useful, especially to the youngest. But a single course of antipasti to share with your companions can stimulate your appetite without necessary put you on weight. The basic aliment of the Italian cuisine is pasta. It has to be composed only with flour of durum wheat 100%. Infinite the types and the shapes of pastas. The use of them varies concerning the kind of sugo, to catch more or less the taste of it. The most famous type of pasta linked to every Italian is spaghetti!

Pasta conchiglia Pasta named penne

According to the Italian law pasta can be obtained only mixing water and flours of of durum wheat otherwise it should have a different denomination (for example: special pasta, eggs pasta, et cetera).


Why all this love for pasta? A part of this feeling could depend from the liveliness of a dish of pasta with sugo. Eating a good pastasciutta it is like a meeting with different flavors, bite after bite. The taste it is not linear like, for example, in a baked fish with potatoes. It changes. The first bite must be quite chewed, the pasta in fact should be served al dente (strong) and, while chewing, we will bump into the structure that will slowly release taste. Must be considered that the pasta has to be served just after been drained and it will be quite hot (caution that it burns!). This heat will continue a mild cooking even when in the dish. Slowly we will face a tendered and a more rich of juice pasta. Therefore we will increase our eating speed varying the resulting after-taste that will be crossed with the seasonings used on your dish of pasta or spaghetti. Well, when all this will be ended maybe you would like to start again to discover new reality, a new dish of your favorite pasta. These reasons, and more to come, explained why a good cook is always so apprehensive to any small detail and perhaps also always a little dissatisfied. In the Italian kitchen, even if less famous compare to pasta, the rice has been using from centuries already, especially in the north of the Italy. Few fried specialty and usually olive oil is used to fry them. This vegetable oil is rich of monounsaturated fats as oleic acid, palmitic acid and other fatty acids but not saturated fatty acids. During the overheating of frying, if the cook has a good skill, it does not release the harmful acrolein.

Olives Watch the overheating while frying! It is necessary never pass the so-called 'point of smoke' or oil's heat tolerance temperature. This is the temperature when oil begins to burn and smoke releasing acrolein. This temperature varied from oil to oil and in olive oil it is particularly high, about 240 degree (centigrade) while in other nut-based or seed-based oil is around about 110 degree (centigrade), temperature easily reachable while frying food. The acrolein is toxic for the gastric mucous and for the liver. It is developed from the entire loss of water of oil that happens just beyond the point of smoke.

Olive oil

The meats are served very natural, without mush with terrifying amount of sauces based of flours and fermented sugars. Also fresh salads come sprayed only of olive oil and some drops of vinegar, better if balsamic. Think about the word salad: it derives from the past: "add salt", even if today salad has a very different meaning, is the historical simplicity that drives Italian cuisine. The handmade Italian gelato is obtained from fresh milk, from which comes an excellent cream. Then the addition of the others ingredients, always fresh, and then everything is slowly cooled down to very low temperature. Lots of care is used in the preparation of our gelato. The Italian ice cream (Italian gelato) is very special. Beyond having succulent and creamy appearance, in America became a part of the vocabulary! The word 'gelato' in the United States indicates just a handmade fresh-based frozen cream; the word ice cream is used to indicate all the other frozen creamy products of industrial origin composed from concentrated food powders.
Italian gelato Italian sherbet
For who does not love the cold stuffs, our bakery production laboratory create homemade cakes, tiramisu', tarts and pastry that should equally satisfy your desires. Here some examples:
Pastry laboratory Italian pastry in laboratory Italian chocolate cake
Pan Pan Restaurants Pattaya (Chonburi), a small extra care for your dinner! Please look at some of our dishes in the food page and come to relish them in one of the Pan Pan restaurants of Pattaya and Jomtien (Chonburi TH).

Italian cuisine recreational substances

The wines that accompany the meal are loaded with taste and, depending on the type, will be linked to one or another course. The alcohol is not the healthy food number one but, if propositioned in moderate amount during your meal and not in an empty stomach, helps to appreciate better the supper and also to better enjoy the rest of your evening out in Pattaya! The origins of the wine in Italy are lost in to the Roman period. At the time of the emperor Ovidio, all March on the 15, in honor of the spring in sacred springs some incredible celebrations took place. Like a sort of nocturnal dance rave. They were wine based parties and were the magic moments when young Ladies granted themselves for the first time.
Always in Mediterranean subject it has to be remembered that linking the consumption of olive oil and a moderate amount of wine while eating is adjuvant in the reduction cholesterol level in blood.
Never forget:
If you drink you don't drive, if you drive you don't drink!


The coffee, il caffe'
At the end of meal a coffee (sweet or bitter) is an Italian tradition not to be ignored. Also here is remarkable the healthy preparation of the caffe’ espresso: little amount of water goes in pressure and it goes right trough the coffee mixture pressed to the state of the art from the operator, the barista. The coffee machine is important as well as the ability of the barista to obtain a tasty coffee with a slight but consisting cream above it.

Italian espresso

The caffeine is transported and absorbed in to the organism through water. The 'caffe espresso' is flooded of steam in few seconds from a small amount of water under a strong pressure. This process allowed to extract more aromas and less caffeine. The cream of the coffee consists in some tenth of grams of fat contained in the coffee powder that come inflated from the steam that goes through the coffee mixture under pressure. If it is used a soluble instant coffee or we use coffee powder in paper filter we will get much more caffeine and no cream because the fat is not soluble in water. Often we can see people adding coffee cream that are only simile-milk dust consisting in dried syrups of glucose, hydrogenated fat, correctors of acidity and chemical emulsifying, but it is not the real cream of the coffee!

Classic Italian cuisine images

Lasagne Seafood pizza Tagliatelle Tiramisu' coffee cake Gelato Cappuccino

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