Gelato and desserts

Italian dessert

Gelato and desserts Italian ice cream: gelato! Delicious desserts like tiramisu', panna cotta an many more in this web page.


Gelato: Italian ice cream

Pan Pan: the Italian restaurants in Pattaya has his own pastry and ice cream lab where produce delicious Italian gelato and delicate pastry. For desserts scroll down the page a bit.

Italian gelato combinations:
Italian sundae or coppa gelato, coppa gelato with fresh fruit, coppa with assorted flavors of ice cream, classic Italian gelato: pistachio and hazelnut, soft serve ice cream served with topping, ice cream without milk: sherbet, gelato in a shape of spaghetti two images, refreshing after dinner sherbet.

Sundae Ice cream cup Gelato cup Pistacchio and hazelnut Soft serve Sherbet Ice cream spaghetti Spaghetti gelato Sorbetto

Italian desserts
Some Italian Desserts:
Italian fruit tart, very sweet and powerful cake with white chocolate, coffee and more sweetness, four more tarts with fruit and a full serving of strawberry and whipped cream small cakes, two kind of tiramisu: with mascarpone cheese and aromatic whipped cream, cake with rum babba', chocolate eclair, super sweet serving.

Fruit tart Italian cake Pastry with fruit Strawberry tart Italian tart Pasticcino Tarts serving Tiramisu' Tiramisu' cake Babba' cake Chocolate cake Bigne' al cioccolato Supreme cake


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